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Happy New Year!!!

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We would like to send a special shout out to all of the existing carshare operators, worldwide, who are doing their fair share to promote a greener, alternative transportation option, in each of their respected cities!!!  

Have you tried Silvercar?

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New York, NY-  It appears everyone isn’t happy with the popular Uber service.  Uber sprang into action during the recent snow storm to blanket the Big Apple.  Uber was more than happy to offer their services to those stranded and without access to any wheels.  Only problem, many feel the outrageously priced rate of nearly […]

Ithaca Carshare receives non-profit status

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Ithaca, NY-  The Ithaca Carshare team is going to have a happy holiday and prosperous New Year courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service. Ithaca Carshare applied for the tax exempt status back in 2007 and has finally received a long, but well worth the wait, six years later. The Lansing Star online has all the […]

CityzenCar speaks to the Car Share Directory

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CityzenCar is a friendly carshare alternative in France.  France is home to a handful of carsharing operations and we had the pleasure of interviewing Nicolas le Douarec and hearing the wonderful things the company has in store.  

BuzzcarFr speaks to the Car Share Directory

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Buzzcar is a thriving peer-to-peer network in France that opened in June 2011.  CEO Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, is taking the company to new levels.  We had the opportunity to find out more on how Buzzcar is taking Paris by storm.

Will Car2go setup operations in Los Angeles?

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Car2go has become one of the hottest carshare’s on the market.  Daimler AG was successful in not only inventing the first line of “carshare ready” vehicles, but also revolutionized the industry by being the first one-way, open-end carsharing alternative.  Having found success in small, dense cities like: Austin, Miami, Portland and San Diego, to name […]

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